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We are cycling from Cape Town, Western Cape to the Botswana Border, Limpopo  (Ponts Drift / Zanzibar) to raise funds and awareness for the Muizenburg Surf Foundation. Shaun Solomons the founder and teacher of the foundation grew up in Muizenburg’s economically disadvantaged area. He understands the trials and difficulties that the children in the area face.

Shaun makes sure that each child receives a lunch, and often this is the only substantial meal that many of the children have for the day. The children are assisted with homework and other social issues they are struggling with. This program keeps them off the streets and out of gangs. 

Through this mentoring program these children learn how to surf, they learn responsibility and how to be a part of society. They also have the opportunity to become surf instructors later on in their lives.

The goal is to raise money to help Shaun keep this project running as they have lost most of their funding during the Covid19 pandemic. Please read further below about the GoFundMe page to help.

Peter Pittendrigh (CMO of Map 2 Africa) and long time friend, Johan Jansen van Vuuren (Professional Mountain Guide) are cycling 2200 km’s unsupported. This has been a personal dream for the both of them since they met while studying in 2008. It is inspiring to see people trying to make a difference in such a difficult time.

Many establishments have been kind enough to offer free accommodation, meals and even a cup of coffee. Without this kindness such an undertaking would be quite unobtainable. Johan and Peter will be updating their social media and posting podcasts as they travel along. Please have a look to discover many unheard of places in our spectacular country. Links: @yourmap2africa and @ranger_byfoot

A massive shout out to Trevor from Powerbar SA for providing all the nutrition that will keep us going over our 3 week challenge.

How can you help?

  1. Donate on our GoFundme page
  2. Book a Surf holiday with us, all the profits will go towards the Surf School
  3. Follow our journey on Instagram at yourmap2africa, if you see us along the way, say hi and share our journey with your friends. 
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