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Understand why we do what we love


We believe in a highly personalized approach and as such always prefer to speak to our clients first, before putting together a travel package for you. Our team of Travel specialists are happy to chat and give advice on Southern and East Africa. We specialize in eco friendly hiking, cycling and wildlife safaris embraced with cultural connection. Give us a list of your interests and “must haves” and allow us to tailor packages best suited to your dream holiday. 

Along with many in the industry, we believe that travel as we know it will change and as such take a more people-centric  approach in putting together travel packages. Travel that is sustainable, healthy, embraces culture and conservation. Travel that understands, we have been given the gift of stewardess of this planet and need to be more conscious of how we interact with her. 

We hope to get to know you a little better, understand your travel needs and above all offer you the African experience of a lifetime. 


We believe that tourism is a very important industry and a vital income source, creating opportunities for economic growth in vulnerable communities around Africa. We pride ourselves to be part of an industry that creates so much opportunity for community upliftment. We are committed to offer our clients satisfying and authentic experiences respecting the planet and we pledge to plan and run itineraries that CARE Socially. Environmentally and Economically 

Our Adventures are built around fundraising and responsible travel. That means that a percentage of every rand we generate on specific itineraries that we sell goes straight back to chosen charity projects

  • Our accommodation and activity suppliers are sourced very carefully and we prioritize small owner run lodges and eco friendly lodges that benefit the local community and the environment  
  • Keep it LOCAL- We also choose local guides and locally owned activity suppliers in all areas we operate and suppliers that connect our guests to local products and experiences
  • Bicycle Tours- our Multi day cycle packages is one of our low carbon impact itineraries, that encourage travelers to stay fit and healthy and explore small towns whilst supporting local communities and embracing cross cultural exchange