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Written by Peter Pittendrigh on August 9th, 2023

Introducing SATIBGo Travel Insurance for Your Next African Safari

Are you planning an unforgettable safari adventure to the majestic lands of Africa? Traveling to this beautiful continent offers unparalleled experiences, yet it’s not without its unique risks and challenges. That’s why we at Map2Africa are thrilled to announce our collaboration with SATIBGo to provide comprehensive travel insurance tailored specifically for your African journey.

Why Travel Insurance is Essential for Your African Safari

Traveling to remote locations and wilderness areas in Africa can be challenging due to unpredictable transport facilities and difficult-to-access terrains. The importance of having robust travel insurance cannot be overstated, and SATIBGo’s inbound travel insurance is designed with Africa’s unique environment in mind.

1. Tailored for Africa’s Unique Travel Risks

SATIBGo’s insurance covers post-pandemic, ever-changing travel risks associated with traveling in Africa. Whether it’s trip cancellation, postponement, or interruption, you’re protected.

2. Comprehensive Medical and Emergency Coverage

With a maximum limit of USD 5,000,000, emergency medical, transportation, evacuation, and repatriation are all taken care of. Even in remote locations, you have access to first response services and evacuation.

3. Protection Against Inconveniences

Missed flights, overbooked transport, and travel delays can be frustrating. SATIBGo offers compensation and covers expenses for accommodation, food, and communication.

4. Security Protection and Political Evacuation

Feel secure even when the unexpected happens. SATIBGo has your back with incident management advice and evacuation costs coverage.

5. Luggage and Personal Property Protection

Enjoy peace of mind with coverage for luggage delay, loss, and even protection for personal electronic equipment.

6. 24/7 Access to Africa’s Leading Remote Incident Management Team

Forget dealing with numerous call centers across the globe; SATIBGo provides unlimited access to Africa’s specialists and leading service providers.

Our Offer: An Array of Options Tailored to Your Needs

We understand that different travelers have unique needs and preferences. That’s why SATIBGo’s inbound travel insurance provides multiple coverage levels ranging from Excess, Bronze, Silver, to Gold. Some of the standout features include:

  • Travel Arrangement Protection with options to include up to 100% cover of trip cost.
  • Security Protection against Kidnap, Extortion, Hijack, and more.
  • Personal Liability and Legal Expenses coverage.
  • Special Section for Accidental Death and Disability.
SATIBGo: A Trustworthy Partner

SATIBGo, backed by Lombard Insurance Company Limited and global leaders like Nexus Re (UK) and United States Fire Insurance Co (USA), ensures you only get the best. They have partnered with Africa’s leading incident management team, SATIB24 Crisis Call, to bring you this product.

Conclusion: Don’t Leave Home Without It

We at Map2Africa firmly believe that no one knows Africa like SATIBGo does! By bundling this comprehensive travel insurance with the packages we offer, we’re providing a safety net that allows you to explore Africa’s beauty without worries.

Starting from just USD 7.00 per person, per day, this travel insurance product is now offered via South African-based Tour Operators and Destination Management Companies (DMC’s) to ANY traveler from ANY destination traveling to Africa and the Indian Ocean Islands.

So, take control and give yourself and your fellow travelers 24/7 access to Africa’s specialists. Allow us to provide you with the peace of mind you deserve on your next African safari.

ENQUIRE TODAY! Map2Africa and SATIBGo are committed to offering you only the best. Your unforgettable African journey awaits, and we are here to make sure it’s safe and secure.

Disclaimer: SATIB Insurance Brokers (Pty) Ltd t/a SATIBGo Travel Assist, is a registered South African company. All services provided are covered and administered by World Travel Assist America LLC. SATIBGo will not be held responsible for any liability arising or as a consequence of lawsuits of any kind due to negligence or breach by World Travel Assist America LLC or any third-party service suppliers. Full terms and conditions apply.