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Written by Peter Pittendrigh on July 24th, 2023

Sleeping Under the Stars: An Unforgettable Safari Experience with Map2Africa

Imagine the immense African sky unrolling above you like an endless blanket of stars, each twinkle a story whispered by the universe. This surreal experience is no longer confined to imagination; it’s a reality you can live on your next safari with Map2Africa. Our select lodges offer sleep-out decks, allowing you to immerse in the wilderness under the vast African sky. Three of our most cherished locations include Leroo La Tau (Makgadikgadi), Camp Okavango (Delta and Desert Safaris), and Dune Star Camp (Namib).

The Makgadikgadi Salt Pan Sleep Out Experience

Imagine finding yourself in one of the world’s most mesmerizing natural environments—the Makgadikgadi Salt Pan. As one of the largest salt flats globally, this remote destination offers an untouched sanctuary, devoid of both sound and light pollution. With only a comfy bed separating you from the infinite expanse, it becomes a perfect setting to rediscover tranquillity and inner peace.

Leroo La Tau’s dedicated team will set up your cosy outdoor sleeping arrangement, aptly named the ‘bedroll.’ Complete with a duvet, pillow, and additional warm blankets, this spacious three-quarter bed promises a snug refuge from the chilly desert night. Ideal for couples, the close-knit bedroll adds a dash of romance to this unique experience.

As night falls, a sumptuous bush meal is prepared traditionally, cooked over an open fire beneath the cosmic theatre. Your plate fills with local delights as the sky above you twinkles with an unending array of stars.

This exclusive experience is offered from July to October, when the dry season dresses the flats in a stunning costume of shimmering white salt. Here, horizons stretch endlessly, and the night sky reveals an awe-inspiring stellar spectacle. However, with space for only six people, ensure you book your spot early. Those desiring a more intimate escapade can opt for a private trip (additional charges applicable).

Elevate this experience with a luxurious 30-minute helicopter ride to the pans. Doorless and breathtaking, the flight gifts you with panoramic views of Botswana’s extraordinary landscapes and incredible wildlife. Thus, your journey to the sleepout site itself becomes a thrilling adventure.

Sleeping under the stars on the Makgadikgadi Salt Pan is more than just a night out in nature—it’s an unforgettable immersion in the raw beauty of the African wilderness.

An Unforgettable Night In The Heart Of Botswana

Imagine yourself immersed in the vast Okavango Delta, one of the world’s largest untouched wetland wildernesses, brimming with over 160 species of mammals and 530 species of birds. This isn’t just any wilderness experience – this is an exclusive overnight stay on Camp Okavangos Sleep-Out Deck, designed for those looking to form an intimate bond with Africa’s unique wildlife.

As night falls, retreat to your spacious double bed draped with mosquito nets, perfectly positioned on the Sleep-Out Deck. From here, the panorama of the Botswana wilderness unfolds before you, a stage set for the nocturnal symphony of nature. The comfort of our guests is our priority, which is why they’ve equipped the deck with a private toilet and ensured the bed offers the ultimate viewing spot for the star-studded African sky.

Your sleep-out adventure begins with the setting sun, casting a golden glow over the landscape, and concludes with the stunning sunrise that paints the sky in hues of orange and pink. The dedicated staff at Camp Okavango will greet you with fresh morning tea and coffee as you soak in the enchanting scene of a new day dawning in the heart of Africa.

The Sleep-Out Deck has become even more welcoming to families. An extra bed can be added to the deck to accommodate families with up to two children aged between 6 – 12 years old. Your safety is always our top concern, so a trained guide will always be nearby, discreetly providing security while also respecting your privacy. Enjoy this unique opportunity to have the Okavango Delta all to yourselves, for a night you and your family will treasure forever.


The Dune Star Camp in The Namib 

The arid desert transforms into a theatre of stars as night falls. The sleep-out deck allows you to fully appreciate the beauty of this stark landscape under the starlit sky. Sleeping in the heart of the Namib Desert is a truly awe-inspiring experience, with the constellations serving as your night-time canopy. As the dawn approaches, the horizon slowly glows with the warm hues of sunrise, a sight you won’t forget.

Sleeping under the stars is more than just a unique accommodation offering; it’s a chance to reconnect with the world around us on a deep, visceral level. It’s an invitation to appreciate the grandeur of the natural world, the raw beauty of Africa, and the simplicity of living with the rhythms of nature.

At Map2Africa, we believe in offering our guests experiences that go beyond the ordinary. The sleep-out deck experience is one such jewel that promises an intimate communion with the African wild. As you lay under the sprawling sky, remember, each star has a story to tell, and it’s time you listened. Sleep tight, safari dreamers, for the African night has many songs to sing.